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Why miraDry®?

  • It’s a non-surgical procedure.
  • It’s a minimally invasive treatment.
  • ONLY FDA Cleared underarm treatment to stop sweat and odor.
  • Permanent reduction in SWEAT, ODOR and HAIR.
  • Little to no downtime.
  • NO chemicals used in the procedure.

Antonio Sabato Jr. says

Thanks to miraDry®, I no longer have to worry about sweating when I'm appearing somewhere for a speaking engagement. My confidence has skyrocketed through the roof because I no longer have to wear deodorant.

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Who are we?

The leaders in sweat reduction in the hot desert! Guerra Plastic Surgery Center is the only Platinum-Level provider for miraDry® in Scottsdale, Arizona. This means we have the experience and the knowledge to make miraDry® a winner for you! This is a new technology which allows for a non-invasive, office based treatment to stop the sweat and odor causing glands in the underarm. miraDry® is also the only permanent solution for underarm sweat that is FDA-cleared. miraDry®, is straightforward to perform in about an hour, and is a perfect ‘lunchtime’ procedure for a quick recovery. It's minimally invasive so you can drive yourself home after it's all done. Most importantly, the reduction in sweat and odor is noticed immediately after the procedure is completed.

When you choose Guerra Plastic Surgery Center, you're choosing the only Platinum Level miraDry® provider in Scottsdale with the most experience.

  • Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
    Dr. Aldo Guerra is the Medical Director at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center so you know we will strive for the highest quality results.
  • Certified miraDry® Provider in Arizona
    Diana McQueen, MA is miraDry® certified and has extensive training and experience in treating patients with miraDry®.
  • 16+ Years of Experience
    Our practice has been treating patients for over 16 years with high quality and beautiful results.

Sale price! miraDry® for $1700

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Researching How To Stop Excessive Sweating?

Who is an ideal candidate for miraDry®?

It's no secret that we live in the desert, and it's hot! To cool off, the human body sweats and some people sweat more than others. Not all sweating is bad, but sweat and sweat stains in the underarms is socially unacceptable. So, the answer is that it's really for anyone who feels they sweat too much in this sensitive area. In your life or profession if you don't want your co-workers, clients, friends or family to see you sweat in your underarm – well, you might be the ideal candidate for miraDry®.

miraDry vs antiperspirants

miraDry® is right for you, if you are:

  • Bothered by underarm sweat
  • Tired of underarm stains in shirts
  • Seeking a natural, toxin-free lifestyle (no more antiperspirants!)
  • Done feeling sticky at the end of the day
  • Wanting to be free from underarm sweat

In the search for the Perfect Pit, think miraDry®! Of course, the only thing more offensive than a sweaty armpit that everyone can see - is a smelly armpit! Luckily, miraDry® can absolutely help there too! The technology in miraDry® treats both the eccrine and apocrine glands in the underarm. Eccrine glands sweat and apocrine glands are responsible for the unpleasant odor. Patients can use this technology to eradicate the odor producing glands and feel and smell more confident. Not to mention that after the treatment, you can also throw out your all antiperspirants and deodorants. So, the next time you want to get close to you sweetheart after a long day at work or play, you won’t have to worry about anything stopping you from getting your groove on.

Sale price! miraDry® for $1700

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Guerra Plastic Surgery Center's miraDry® Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all miraDry® is a non-invasive FDA-cleared treatment that reduces underarm sweat by permanently eliminating sweat and odor glands. Our patients feel very confident after a miraDry® treatment that they will have less sweat in their armpits to remain dry.
You are born with 2 million sweat glands so you do not need to keep the sweat glands in the armpits. The underarms only have about 2% of the sweat glands. By eliminating your underarm sweat glands you will be dry in your armpits and continue to perspire normally elsewhere.
Adults 18 years of age and older that have underarm hyperhidrosis are approved to get treated with miraDry®.
The miraDry® treatment takes about an hour. Your underarms will be numbed prior to treatment so you shouldn’t feel anything during the procedure. You may experience some swelling, soreness, tingling and numbness in the treated area after the procedure. Be ready for the possibility that it can take a few weeks to clear-up these sensations.
The miraDy® System uses miraWave energy that targets and destroys sweat and odor glands in your underarm. Once these glands are permanently destroyed they will not grow back and therefore you will have less sweat and odor. Learn more about how miraDry® works by visiting https://www.miradry.com/how-it-works/.
You will have immediate reduction in your underarm sweat glands. These sweat glands that are eliminated will not grow back so the results are permanent. Feel free to discuss how much sweat reduction you want in the underarms with our experienced miraDry® certified professionals.
You will immediately get up to an 85% reduction in sweat and odor in the underarms. If you desire more sweat and odor reduction you can schedule additional treatment. Please discuss your goals with our miraDry® certified professionals so they can help create your treatment plan.
Your underarms will be numbed prior to the procedure so most of our patients experience little to no discomfort.
Typically the downtime is very minimal for our miraDry® patients. Most of our patients return to minimal activity or returning to work immediately after their treatment has been completed. We highly recommend that all vigorous exercise and activities wait for several days after the treatment before resuming. Patients sometimes feel some discomfort in the armpit area for a few days after their treatment.
Over 95,000 miraDry® treatments have been performed worldwide with an excellent safety record. It's also the only FDA-cleared treatment to reduce underarm sweat which is important.
Swelling, soreness, tingling and numbness are possible side effects of a miraDry® treatment. It sometimes takes our patients a few weeks to clear these sensations. We have not seen any reports of any long term permanent side effects. Any short term sensation in the underarms or upper arms gradually disappears over time. Please consult your miraDry® certified professional to see if it’s right for you.
miraDry® regular price at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center starts at $2,450. There are promotions from time to time so please call us at 480-970-2580 or schedule a consultation online.
Insurance companies feel that miraDry® is a cosmetic procedure so it's typically not covered.
Since lymph nodes are located much deeper in the body than where the underarm sweat glands reside the miraDry® System employs unique safety features to protect deeper tissues. There were no evidence that this procedure had any effect on the lymph nodes in the clinical studies.

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